Saturday, 23 April 2016

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Specs and Price

Apple has cast a new iPhone to some of the country shortly after the product is officially launched. This time the sixth generation iPhone is available in two variants of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both have different specifications and price is not so significant, but more emphasis on size. Especially the iPhone 6 Plus, this flaghsip smartphone has specifications and size as the name plus the iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus brings the screen is wider by 5.5 inches. The increase in screen area is also accompanied by an increase in resolution. Although larger but screen iPhone 6 plus has better quality than the iPhone 6. With a size 5.5 inches, a resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus stands at 1920x1080 pixels, which makes high-pixel density up to ~ 401 pixels per inch. With these figures visual content that appear to be obvious, clear and detailed.
 Apple Iphone 6

Their impact on the screen expansion of the phone body size and capacity of the battery. iPhone 6 Plus has a body length of 158.1 mm, 77.8 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick and weighs 172 grams. Although larger, the iPhone 6 Plus can be categorized as slim as only 0.2 millimeters adrift. While the large screen requires greater power consumption. Therefore, the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with the battery capacity is more durable in order to adjust to the user are able to survive on standby up to 384 hours, talk time using 3G networks 24 hours, access the Internet using LTE 4G network 12 hours and last up to 80 hours when used for playing audio.

As a premium smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus loaded with dual cameras with great features inside and the processing unit is the same as the iPhone 6. But the iPhone 6 Plus has features that are not owned iPhone camera 6 An optical image stabilization and the RAM capacity larger iPhone 6 Plus 2 GB , Specifications iPhone 6 Plus more complete specification can be seen in the table below:

Specifications Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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